Top 5 That Mitchell And Webb Look Adverts

During the later series of That Mitchell and Webb Look; David Mitchell and Robert Webb produced a constant stream of sketches based around adverts. They were usually made to be fillers during the show, but over the series they produced some memorable, as well as really funny entries in the series. So I thought I would post about some of my favorites. Now, as usual, there have been some which sadly did not get into my personal top 5; so in order to give them a quick nod, here are some additional memorabilia:

Marmits The Marmite Glove, Dosh 4 Gold, Sexist Advertising.

And so with the red tape unreeled, here are my Top 5 Favourite adverts from That Mitchell and Webb Look, Enjoy!

5. Dosh 4 Plutonium – Dosh 4 Gold was an advert based on the multiple number of Cash 4 Gold shops that had begun to open around about the big financial meltdown of 2008, as also explored in the South Park episode Cash For Gold. Well, after doing one on Gold, Mitchell and Webb explored the same idea, but with Plutonium. It’s funny, has some cool moments and the ending is just brilliant.

4. Text A Blog – Text a blog was one in a series of sketched adverts that involved texting. In this case it was giving people a reason to get angry and blog about it online. It’s short and sweet with an amazing ending with a furiously propped up middle finger!

3. Cressps – Cressps is simply hilarious. It’s about people trying out an implausible brand of crisps made up of cress. Some of the antics in this include one character passing up on the chance of eating some, the cast pointing out how disgusting the food actually is, and of course, that catchy catchphrase that makes no sense at all!

2. Glucozade Port – This is short and simple, and gets to the point; it’s the kind of advert that we would all want to see! It’s about an alcoholic sports drink that rehydrates you and that automatically dehydrates you again. Yes, it’s the worlds first Alcoholic Isotonic Drink!

1. Watch The Football – Almost lifted from the adverts that once plagued Sky Sports itself, comes this brilliant piece of comedy. It’s someone talking about football, and hyping up the matches as simply being on this coming week. It makes references to major teams, then slams how they are portrayed, by suggesting that Giants and Titans meeting up would more or less be normal sized in comparison to one another! It then goes on to point out that while these matches go on, and teams win, it doesn’t really matter in the end as it will all take place again and again, year after year; and as such it will never be decided who has genuinely won the football!


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