Movie Trailers – Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

I first heard of Gamera in 1998, during the BBC‘s Monster Night, which celebrated the history of Godzilla on the eve of Godzilla 1998‘s release. But it wouldn’t be until 2004 when I finally saw a Gamera film! It came about when by chance I found a DVD copy of this film in a branch of Forbidden Planet in Stoke-on-Trent. When I returned home that evening, I watched it and immediately fell in love with it.


Because I didn’t have much knowledge on Gamera at the time, it wasn’t until I watched this entry that I discovered that it was the third film in a trilogy of Gamera films. I found this out due to plot elements expressing it, and a collection of trailers on the DVD which said that this was the third film in a series. It wasn’t until several years later however that I knew it was a trilogy, I was sort of hoping for a fourth film somewhere.


For those who are unaware of who or what Gamera is; Gamera is a giant monster appearing in a film series that bears his name. He is a Giant Turtle who can breathe fire, and is able to fly thanks to rockets on his feet. His first film was Gamera: The Giant Monster in 1965, and has appeared in 12 movies, with the latest being Gamera The Brave in 2006.

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The Gamera heisei trilogy took a much darker route than the series preceding movies; with the third and final film; Gamera 3: Revenge Of Iris capping it off. The trailer features some great action scenes as well as depictions of the brutal combat scenes, and the devastation caused by the clashing titans. But it also highlights what the film’s story is about. It doesn’t create any spoilers in this regard, more just helps to set it up before the audience sees the film. It’s the story of how a young girl wants revenge on Gamera; but Gamera is meant to be the hero in all this, so why does she hate him?

It’s a terrific trailer, and easily one of the best trailers ever produced for a Monster Movie!

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