Movie Trailers – Steamboy

Steamboy is a Japanese animated film released in 2004, Directed by Katsuhiro Otomo; who also wrote and directed Akira. The film is set in an alternate Victorian England, where a young boy discovers a mysterious orb developed by his missing Father and Grandfather.


I first heard of this film nearly a decade before I even saw Akira. I sort of knew what Akira was, but had never seen it. The trailer though for this film was packaged in a release of Godzilla DVD’s which I started to collect towards the mid-end 2000’s. Back then though I didn’t pay much attention to the Steamboy trailer. Then I saw Akira; and loved it! I then stared to do more reading and research into the subject which led me back to Steamboy.


For a time, the trailer for Steamboy was one of the few things I watched, as I found it an almost breathtaking piece which made me want to watch the film more than the next big release (and it was ten years after Steamboy had been released).


The trailer is a great piece of art as it really does build a picture of what to expect, and anticipate. It featured shots of the films vibrant colours and artwork backed up by a piece of music (which I don’t think was actually in the film) in the form of Full Force by John Powell. Then as the music takes a more serious tone, the film’s action blows up on screen. Then comes the part I really love. The trailer tells us who is providing voice over work, and makes mention of both Patrick Stewart and Anna Paquin. But it’s Alfred Molina‘s bit which really grabs my attention. The music enters at almost the perfect phase as his name appears on the screen, followed by his strong but edited monologue, which was cut down to prevent a major spoiler, but it still creates power.

It’s a very exciting trailer, and while I have mixed feelings about the film itself, it’s still nice to watch this amazing trailer one more time!

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