Mini Film Review – Flavors Of Youth

I have just watched Flavors of Youth; and it was rather pleasant! Directed by Haoling Li, Yoshitaka Takeuch, and Xiaoxing Yi, and starring George Ackles, Taito Ban, and Dorothy Elias-Fahn; Flavors of Youth is an anthology of three short anime drama films depicting young life in three different Chinese cities. The first film was rather weird and for the most part felt like an advert for the benefits of eating rice noodles. The stories though do get better from there as we see one story about a model and her younger sister; followed up with a heart-wrenching story of missed opportunity in love. The films are beautifully drawn, and feature fluid animation. The film is nice and colorful too as well as featuring music that makes me want to re-listen to the soundtrack of Spirited Away. They are just a simple collection of sweet and pleasant films, carrying enough drama to keep you hooked and reeled in throughout!

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