Top 5 Star Wars Films

I used to like Star Wars! The first time I saw a Star Wars film was when the special editions were first released. I went with the family to the cinema to see both A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. We didn’t see Return of the Jedi at the cinema, it was not until a year or two had passed by, that I finally saw it. Back then I enjoyed those films. I enjoyed the prequel films too, those films became must see pictures for me, and I enjoyed all three of them, still rather do. I wasn’t necessarily a die-hard fan of Star Wars, but for a time it was one of my favourite movie series.

Then The Force Awakens was released, and I couldn’t get why on earth it was getting so much praise as it was nothing more than a near frame-for-frame remake of A New Hope. It was exactly the same and it felt like a genuine waste of time! It really soured the series for me. I did see Rogue One, and then The Last Jedi which I both rather enjoyed, but the sour taste of Force Awakens just lingered on my taste-buds, and by the time The Rise of Skywalker came out; I just did not care anymore!


I still though like some of Star Wars. I wouldn’t mind seeing Taika Waititi‘s film when it comes out (more mainly because I have become a fan of Waititi’s works), and I would probably see films about Darth Maul, and General Grievous (if they ever get made). Of course the real Star Wars film I want to see is the Deadpool-esque feature length edition of Prune Face!

While the sequel trilogy has soured the film series for me, there is still some stuff remaining that I genuinely do like about Star Wars, mainly in the form of the films that came before it. More recently I have enjoyed re-watching clips of the imperial fleet in Empire. So while I still have some level of interest left in the series; I thought I would provide you with my Top 5 Favourite Star Wars Films. Enjoy!


5. Revenge of the Sith – Revenge of the Sith is an interesting film, albeit with a rather pants set-up. These films are the story of good vs bad, but it’s not helpful when the good side aren’t creating a convincing argument. The film is the story of how Anakin finally succumbs to the Dark Side (which again isn’t very convincing, it looks rather easy and quick to be honest). He achieves this through a combination of two sides constantly manipulating him, but it’s the Jedi who are by far the meanest, and it’s no wonder he goes to the dark side, as at least the Emperor is friendlier, whilst Mace Windu is just horrible to him! It’s very easy to feel sorry and empathize with the dark side as the Jedi don’t seem all the nice or great during this film’s set-up. Also the film sort of wastes away General Grievous who should have had more time and focus, but for the time we had him is still a treat, plus the music is as always top notch and the battle sequences are excellent. Yes it’s a bit weak due to a bad set-up, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun also!


4. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Originally I wasn’t going to see this one, it had been less than a year since Force Awakens made me question what the point was in seeing any future Star Wars films, especially if from then on they were all going to be nothing but remakes. But some friends on Facebook made me rethink seeing it. I actually rather enjoyed it, thought it was a really cool film, with some great scenes and expert casting, particularly with the additions of Donnie Yen and Wen Jiang. I thoroughly enjoyed it!


3. Attack of the Clones – Attack of the Clones is just a superb Star Wars film. It features an interesting story about conspiracies and mysteries, and really explores the unseen galaxy. I love the scenes on Kamino, with Lama Su being one of my favourite characters to date. Yes, the love story does slow down the plot considerably, but it more than makes up for it with the magnificent concluding battle (with an excellent and heroic arrival of the clones), and of course the casting of the Great Christopher Lee as the main villain. It’s just a really fun film on the whole!


2. The Phantom Menace –  For a few years now, I have held the belief that if Steven Spielberg had directed a Star Wars film, it would be very similar to The Phantom Menace, as the film carries many of the tropes that appear in many of his family films (and they are family films at the end of the day). Yes, the film is held back a little by a ridiculous comedy side-kick, but, it features some really cool scenes, and a rather unique soundtrack. It’s fun, but it has its more serious bits too, but throughout continues to carry the flavor of a great Star Wars film!


1. Return of the Jedi – Ever since I saw this film, it has remained my number 1 film in the series. Even as others came and went, they never came as close to topping my list. Return of the Jedi is a great trilogy finale, as it takes all the previous films, and wraps the story up nicely. It features some great additional cast members, it explores new worlds, and it finishes off with a finale that we wanted to, and deserved to see. It all fits nicely together, with some sad and emotional scenes, whilst also creating a genuine adrenaline rush, and of course capping it all off with a big staff party, altogether polishing off my favourite Star Wars film!

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