Video Game Trailers – Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was first unveiled in October 2016. News of the console had been making the rounds on websites for a few months up to this point, but not much was known about it other than the name NX! When the first trailer dropped for the console however, more things became much clear.


The trailer for the console is a rather upbeat and fun affair, thanks to the use of the upbeat music and the situations people are playing games in. The trailer features console fundamentals as to how the console works, from the option to play it on the TV screen, to playing it like a handheld console. It also shows the innovative way the Joy-Con controllers can be played, either on the handheld screen, or taken out; to provide players with options as to how and where they want to play games.


The trailer then begins to display the opportunities for its use, such as playing it on public transport, outdoors, in the back of a van or at your neighbors rooftop get together. The trailer also makes the suggestion that such a console could lead to E Sports use as well.

It’s a pretty fun trailer and a great way to launch a console, plus includes footage of the-then to be released The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

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