Mini Film Review – Lemmy

I have just watched Lemmy; and it was very enjoyable! Directed by Greg Olliver, and Wes Orshoski; Lemmy is a documentary film profile of the Motorhead founder and bass player Lemmy. The film is very similar to God Bless Ozzy Osbourne, except where as that film was more of a chronicle of Ozzy Osbourne‘s life, this film used the history of Lemmy’s career as a backstory to tell the viewer where he came from, but didn’t make it as the whole focal point of the film. This film instead looked into Lemmy’s life and how he influenced many major and successful musicians like Metallica, Dave Grohl, and Henry Rollins; as well as paint a picture of his life outside of music and what he meant to the many people who had been fortunate enough to meet him. It had a great soundtrack with inclusion of some live performances to really tap your toe to, as well as some charming stories of the people who knew Lemmy first hand. It’s a really interesting story, and one that is a must see for all fans of Rock and Heavy Metal music!

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