Mini Video Game Review – Destiny 2

Recently I have been playing Destiny 2 on Steam; and it has been Awesome! Developed by Bungie; Destiny 2 is an online-only First Person Shooter Multiplayer game, where players take on the role of Guardians trying to free the universe from the clutches of several different alien races. From the start, the game was very easy to get into; and within a few hours I was getting involved in adventures, claiming and completing bounties, and just getting stuck into the world. There is a horde of different gameplay types; with Strikes and especially Gambit being amongst my favourites. There is something of a story, but it’s pretty hard to notice. Leveling up and customizing is also pretty easy, and it’s fun to try out different options and colours to really personalize your character. My only real issue was that after a recent update; all my previous quests were just thrown out of the window; and it feels like there is now a drought of single-player options, unless of course I pay extra for them; which doesn’t seem all that fair! Despite the issue though; it has been a fun and rewarding experience!

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