Top 5 The Muppet Christmas Carol Songs

It’s Christmas time (unless you are reading this during one of the other eleven months of the year); which means it’s time for a whole host of Christmas themed movies to appear on the TV. There have been many Christmas movies of the years, and for the most part are all pretty bad! Yes, it really is hard to watch TV when you know that the Christmas themed movie on the box is probably going to be dreadful! For the most part there are only two Christmas movies I can usually think of as being good: Krampus and The Muppet Christmas Carol.

The Muppet Christmas Carol is a real classic, one of the shining stars for family entertainment during the Christmas period. It’s fun and entertaining for everyone both young and old, and even for those in between. Featuring a great performance by Michael Caine as Ebenezer Scrooge, and some stand out moments for the Muppet cast. The film also features a great caper of musical numbers. These songs help the story to drive on as it points out the good and the bad and really helps the characters change and improve as the film goes on.


I have always thought it might be fun to do a list of the best songs in this film, but have always had to wait till Christmas so I could do the list at the right time of year. Now, there is of course an elephant in the room, as this list is the Top 5, and from the many times I have seen this film can confidently say that there are 6 songs in this film, well 7 if you include the Fozziwig’s Party, although that bit is quite short. So, the unlucky song not to be featured in the main list is (just rediscovered there are in fact 7 songs (not including the Fozziwig Party), so the unlucky two in fact are):

When Love Is Found, and Thankful Heart.

So, without further ado; here are my Top 5 Favourite Songs from The Muppet Christmas Carol; Enjoy!


5. One More Sleep Till Christmas – It sort of makes sense that one of the earliest songs in this film is a lovely jolly song performed by Kermit. Featuring some funny little moments including penguin ice skating; the song also works as a nice intro to the main plot of the film, as it comes after Scrooge’s ferocity, but more importantly before the first ghosts. It is a family film after all and there needs to be some early levels of jolly fun, but again the story is rather dark, so with this in mind this song helps the audience to stick around, rather than scare them away immediately.

4. Bless Us AllTiny Tim‘s portrayal in this film is rather sweet and charming, with Robin the Frog taking on the role. Before this scene even begins both Tiny Tim and Bob Cratchit share an a cappella moment which is also rather fun. Tiny Tim’s song in this instance is rather tragic! He’s a character afflicted with a bad sickness, but this doesn’t hold him back, as he is able to see the positive side in almost any situation and instantly becomes an inspiration. The song is sweet and is performed excellently, and is one of the more uplifting pieces in the film’s darker shadows!

3. Scrooge – The first major song of the film, and easily one of the most effective. Scrooge creates a quick and easy to follow character biography of the film’s main character. It highlights how people see him, how he comes across, and some of the actions he is responsible for. The song has a great tune, cool moments, with a deceptively dark tone, which still finds a way to become uplifting and light as it reaches it’s dramatic conclusion!

2. Marley and Marley – Another dark and deceptively effective number. Marley and Marley takes two iconic characters within the Muppet’s universe, and gives them the performance of a life time. The cold actions of the Marley Brothers work well with the duo’s ability to create sudden and quick witted jokes, but in the end makes them look as deceptively bad as we need to see them. It’s like the character of Jacob Marley was made for Waldorf and Statler; it just fits so perfectly and creates an amazing song with a great set-up for what will follow!

1. It Feels Like Christmas – It Feels like Christmas is a real heartwarming song which highlights what Christmas means for many, and what it could mean for others too. It’s a really lovely song, and one that is easy to pick up and learn. Even as Christmas rolls around at the end of the year, you may find it easy to start singing this song, even if its been a few years since you last saw it!

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