My Favourite Video Game

Many years ago, during the first (of only two I believe) Escapist Expo; a panel of video game celebrities featured on the website, including both Jim Sterling and Yahtzee Croshaw; were asked to name their favourite video game. Games mentioned included the Metal Gear Solid series (can’t remember exactly which game), Final Fantasy VII, Fallout 3, and Silent Hill 2. It was a fun and very interesting watch.


Now the topic of the panel was an interesting one for me especially, as though while I have played a lot of Video Games, if you were to ask me what my favourite was; my answer would be along the line of “err…!” About 10 years ago if you were to ask me the question I would have very confidently been able to say what my favourite game was, but in the last five or so years, it has been really difficult to say what game precisely, other than to choose my default answer, because it was easier!

Now it’s not that I don’t like any games, it’s more that I just haven’t really sat down long enough to work it out. I am having a similar issue at the moment trying to work out which is my favourite Dinosaur. But; I do have some ideas (for both lists), of what it might be! Games I can easily put down on a list and know quite confidently suggest is one of those games. So I thought I might do a different kind of list; naming games I really like, but am unsure of which one is best. If you then want to leave a suggestion in the comments below (or in the poll I created) of which one I should give it to, fire away! So anyway, here are some of my Favourite Video Games, one of which may be my top of the stack favourite; Enjoy!


Supreme Commander – This was my favourite game from 10 or so years ago, the game I could confidently say was my favourite game, and has been the default answer since. I still really enjoy this game ten years on from when I first played it; it’s a lot of fun!


Rollercoaster Tycoon – This was my favourite when I was a young boy, and thanks to I have been able to re-play it all over again. It can be tedious going through the old levels again one after another building the same thing, but if you give the game a break for a few years, re-playing it again can feel fresh, exciting, and brand new all over again!


F-Zero GX – My favourite game on the GameCube, and a game I still occasionally play to this day. I can get lost for hours just driving around a circuit in a futuristic vehicle on a futuristic track!


Prison Architect – This is the game I have played the most hours on currently on Steam. It can sound silly, building and running a Prison, but if you’re a perfectionist, you can really get into the mind of building anything, and with this, selling the prison once finished, just allows you to try and do something bigger and more exciting next. It’s like having a Lego kit, building a castle, then selling the model to buy a new and more exciting kit. That’s what this game is like!


The Wolf Among Us – At first I thought this game was totally weird, but by the final chapter was thoroughly engrossed, like it was the must-see boxset of the moment. The way it was made to look like a TV drama, but still providing you with the option to choose where the story goes; it was thoroughly enjoyable experience (and am still holding on hope for a sequel too)!


Jurassic World Evolution – I like games where you build theme parks and attractions; I also like Dinosaurs and Jurassic Park. This game has been consistently enjoyable since the first time I played it; and it is now the second most played game on my Steam account. It’s a lot of fun just making a zoo with dinosaurs in it, and do a better job of it than the movies (although I suppose that wouldn’t be as entertaining)!


Borderlands – I like all the Borderlands games (except pre-sequel obviously), but the first one has that real je ne sais quoi above the others. The other two are really enjoyable, but this one has just that little bit more control in your path than the others. Where as the other two feel like you are on a set path, this one feels like you can decide when and where to do things. In those you are a hero, this feels like you’re a pirate, a good one, but still a pirate. It’s really hard to say why it stands out above the other two, but it just does. It might just be its simplicity!

Apologies for the slightly unconventional list, just thought it might be something cool to post about. Anyway, which of the above do you think should take the top spot?

What is your favourite game?

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