My 2020 Song

In December 2018; I passed my driving test (first time). In the weeks that followed I became acclimatized to driving my Mam’s car as I drove around town to go to the shops, see friends, and go to board games. Anyway; very soon after I passed my test, I started listening to music in the car; the first CD I listened to being the live chapter of Iron Maiden‘s Book of Souls, which I listened to for about 5 months before I switched to something else.

Metal Injection

Since then I have listened to a wide variety of bands and performers as I drove near and far. And whilst I did find songs I preferred over others, by the time the year came to an end, I considered The Red and The Black as my number 1 song of 2019 (even though I found other songs I preferred over it). I think it was mostly the enjoyment I got out of that song as well as it’s incredible composition and energy that made it stand out for me from the whole year.

Well, as 2020 came and went, I kept a running order in my head as to what my song of the year was going to be. I listened to a wide variety of new things I have not heard before, and there were some real highlights. I really got into bands old and new as the year progressed including Slade, and (Lancaster‘s own) Massive Wagons. As for singular pieces of music, I listened to (and learnt to play on Bass Guitar) If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next by the Manic Street Preachers, November Rain by Guns N’ Roses (listened to the end solo a bunch of times), Deutschland by Rammstein, and That’s Livin’ Alright by Joe Fagin.

But as the year reached it’s midway point, I had a song in mind as the stand out song for my year, and as the year was reaching it’s climax, I was certain that it would be my song for 2020. But then there came a real challenger. I discovered the song by chance while watching some old music videos from the Scorpions. It was a live performance of a song by Michael Schenker; well originally UFO which Schenker was in. The song was Doctor Doctor; and it rocked! It had a great riff, a catchy tune and an incredible level of energy. It was practically perfect, and listened to it non stop for a couple of weeks. I even discovered a cover from Iron Maiden.

But, at the end of the year, I would probably put Doctor Doctor in second place (although I am really wanting it to be the next song I learn on Bass). As the year has gone I fell in love with a great classic rock band, and a song they released towards the end of their classic run. The band was Slade; and the song was Radio Wall of Sound!


One night when I came home from work, I think it was on BBC Four, they had a collection of Slade songs performed at the BBC; and the final one was this incredible rock track. Not the best Slade song I have heard, but when I looked through the show, it felt great that the final major single release for the band was a real heavy rocker with a wonderful level of energy. It was a fantastic song, with a great tune and cool lyrics, and even after hearing Doctor Doctor; Radio Wall of Sound just sort of works! And that’s why I choose it as my song for 2020!

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