Top 4 Pierce Brosnan James Bond Films

Pierce Brosnan‘s tenure as James Bond was pretty brief, lasting only four films over seven years! In comparison to other actors who have played the role; Brosnan has had the fourth longest tenure of any actor who has played the role. This doesn’t mean though that his tenure wasn’t in any way less iconic.

To the contrary; Pierce Brosnan is one of the most iconic actors in the role. His four releases are some of the biggest and most consistently enjoyable films in the series to date, and post Cold War helped steer the series in a new direction, whilst also being able to reference and keep traditions. The Pierce Brosnan entries are regularly shown on TV, and due to the the production values of all four, still remain worthy of a watch; over twenty years since the first film’s release; which despite their age, still feel relevant, and very modern.


But it’s not just the movies that helped him become such an iconic actor in the series. As his series of films developed and continued, several video games were released. With the age of 3D in swing, many James Bond games came along which featured the physical likeness to Pierce Brosnan. Some of these were of course games based on the films, but then there were at least three games not named after the films or based on the films; rather independent plots. Many of these games did well both financially and critically with the two major standouts being Nightfire and of course the classic Goldeneye 007.


Pierce Brosnan’s run in the series appears brief; but his legacy continues to this very day. So, I thought it would be fun to do a list of his top four James Band movies (as he only did 4). So here are my Top 4 Pierce Brosnan James Bond Films: Enjoy!


4. The World Is Not Enough – The World Is Not Enough is an interesting film, given that it likes to switch the format around a bit by creating a big idea, which in turn becomes a much smaller plan. It also creates an interesting dynamic with the villains by having one male (Robert Carlyle) and one female (Sophie Marceau) creating a plan together which results from a plan of revenge, to one about gaining vast wealth. The film though is rather weak, as all the build-up vanishes in a puff of smoke leading into a mediocre finish. It does though have it’s standout moments, from the opening boat chase, to the attack on the caviar factory, and of course the brilliant high speed chase in an oil pipeline!


3. Die Another Day – The year 2002 was a year of double celebration for the James Bond film series, as it was both the 40th anniversary of the series, and would also see the release of the 20th film in the series too. So, it was time for a big celebration movie: What we got was something rather silly! It was a daft film whose big plan borrowed heavily from Diamonds Are Forever (and a bit of Goldeneye), it featured top of the line special effects driven torture devices, it was really long and filled to the brim with classic references, and ridiculous scenes which didn’t make much sense! But…I liked it. The silliness of it all sort of makes it a really fun and enjoyable film. It’s ridiculous, but it sort of works!


2. Tomorrow Never Dies – Tomorrow Never Dies is another interesting entry in the series as it features a plan to create all out war, but not for the purpose of taking over the world, but to make a fortune in the lucrative world of bad news. The film features some cool castings with the additions of Michelle Yeoh, Geoffrey Palmer, and Jonathan Pryce; plus the whole Stealth Ship idea is a work of pure genius, as its sounds ridiculous, but it works brilliantly! It does have it’s flaws though, mostly concentrated around the whole running around Hamburg bit, which slows the plot down to a crawl; but when the film arrives in Saigon, it picks up it’s pace once more leading to it’s dramatic conclusion!


1. GoldenEye – The first Bond film after the Cold War starts off strong, and then gets stronger and stronger as the film moves on. It features the hallmarks of previous James Bond films, but ventures down new avenues of direction, leading into a different kind of story. It features some great additional cast members including (but not limited to) Sean Bean, Famke Janssen, Robbie Coltrane, Gottfried John, Izabella Scorupco, and Judi Dench. It features great set pieces, funny quirks, an awe-inspiring villainous HQ, some cool dramatic moments, and not forgetting an epic scene as a train crashes into a tank, and of course the glorious tank chase itself!

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