Top 5 Warhammer Armies That I Didn’t Collect

Warhammer is a fun hobby, as long as you know someone else who collects it! For a time I used to collect Warhammer. I originally started out collecting Lizardmen, then Dogs of War, then nothing, followed by Lizardmen again, then setting my sights on 40K by collecting Tau for a bit here and there. Collecting Warhammer is fun, but it can be hard to stay the course as given the restrictions/requirements of what’s needed in order to play, it can feel like an eternity passes by before you get to actually have your first game!

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In the past I considered getting back into it here and there, but when I think about it now, I would rather already have an army, and immediately start playing games, rather than spending months of build-up. Although that might be possible now as one of my best friends did assemble and paint an army of 40K Orks a couple of years ago.

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Over the years I collected the models, my mind did switch between what armies I could collect in the future here and there, and I did have my favourites outside my then current army. So, I thought it might be fun to do a list of the other armies that I liked but didn’t collect. For this list I am focusing on the original fantasy variant of the game, I can do a 40K list in the future. Also; armies that I did purchase/assemble/paint at least one model of in the past aren’t included. So, anyway; here are Five Armies in Warhammer I didn’t collect; Enjoy!


5. Dark Elves – I was drawn to the Dark Elves originally (and only) because when I saw a copy of their codex in a shop in Morecambe, I saw one of them riding what looked like a T-Rex. My brother then informed me that that was not the case, and that was that!


4. Chaos Dwarfs – The Chaos Dwarfs looked really cool from memory. They looked really good, plus they had an incredible assortment of gadgets and weaponry that made them standout above their main counterparts.

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3. Beastmen – Beastmen looked really cool when I saw pics of them in White Dwarf. They looked like really cool minotaur creatures, and compared to other armies in the Chaos brand, they didn’t have any grotesque features.

Tale of Painters

2. Ogre Kingdoms – When I briefly played Warhammer 40K in 2011-2012; Ogre Kingdoms had been released, and they sounded and looked really cool and awesome. I fantasized about maybe collecting them in the future.

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1. Skaven – Skaven always stood out to me, probably because they were like Lizardmen, in that they were a species of animal. Me and Fantasy has always been a hard thing to work out, but Rat people and Lizardmen just work for me as they are different, and stand out as they are like things I like outside of Warhammer, like animals, and films featuring giant lizards.

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