Mini Film Review – Gorgo

I have just watched Gorgo; and it was brilliant! Directed by Eugene Lourie, and starring Bill Travers, William Sylvester, and Vincent Winter; Gorgo is a Giant Monster Movie about a group of greedy sailors who take a Giant Monster from a small island to be displayed at a circus in London; things then take a turn for the worse as the monster’s Mother arrives! The film is very similar in plot to Peter Benchley‘s The Beast, with the story of a monster being caught, put on display, and then finding out that it’s a juvenile, so where is the mother?! It’s a strange plot device, but it works brilliantly, as though while it may sound or lead up to a cliché, it keeps the film’s plot on tone, making it both consistent and concise, and very easy to follow. The film is actually pretty short, and some of your attention may wane in the later scenes of London’s destruction, but for the most part, the film is pure monster movie gold! The monster is suit is as good quality as classic Godzilla films, plus features some cool features such as the lit-up eyes! The city miniatures are Fantastic, and a real joy to behold too, simply superb construction and creation. The only downside I think this film really has, is that none of the human characters really meet their comeuppance, as it feels like they really should! Aside from that though, it’s pretty much perfect!

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