Mini TV Review – Jeopardy (Seasons 1-3)

Recently I have been re-watching seasons 1-3 of Jeopardy; and it has been Incredible! Created by Tim O’Mara for CBBC, and starring Craig Moncur, Samantha Bowie, and James Anthony Pearson; Jeopardy is a children’s drama series about a group of teens from Falkirk Scotland, who travel to Australia in search of UFO’s. I had previously watched the series a few times on TV over ten years ago, but I had seen very little of season 3 (except for the beginning and end), so it was fun to finally see it in full! The stories over the three seasons start off small, but increase over time at a gentle rate, from the small but simple, to the eventual and tragic scenarios of the third season. The character development presented is one of the show’s key elements, as it takes flawed characters and turns them into heroes by seasons end. When I first watched this series (over 10 years ago); the character that stood out the most for me was Shona (Shelley O’Neill). Her sensible and down to earth, common sense attitude made it very easy to connect with her. This time around though I found that the most interesting character of the group is Chrissie (Charli Wilson). She starts out as spoiled, and selfish, but as the series develops, she changes the most; becoming one of the stronger and more admirable members of the group, someone you really begin to care for!

Going on this adventure with the teens over three seasons, you really do begin to care for key members and begin to feel like these are your real friends. So when they all begin to suffer and fall down from a key plot point of season 3, you really do begin to feel genuine heartbreak as you don’t want them to go through that suffering. At times, you just want to leap through the screen and give them all a big hug! The show does have some issues, such as the random secret filming in series two, or the creature lurking in the undergrowth in series 3. Also, inĀ  the first two seasons, it does take time for the story to really get going. Midway into both seasons, the story takes off, and is flying high; but does take it’s time in taking off in the first place. The third season though starts out with a bang, and keeps climbing until the very end! Yes, the show ended on a viewer chosen cliffhanger, but throughout the show’s run, it’s pure gold drama. It’s very enjoyable, at times very scary, often tense, but all the way through; it carries a lot of heart!

Plus, CBBC could do a revival of the show; much like they did with the new Demon Headmaster? This could wrap up loose ends, and even better; include a DVD re-release of the original series too! Just a thought…

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