Mini TV Review – War Of The Worlds

Recently I have been watching War of the Worlds, and it’s been pretty brilliant! Created by Howard Overman, and starring Lea Drucker, Gabriel Byrne, and Daisy Edgar-Jones; War of the Worlds is a loose adaptation of the novel of the same name by H. G. Wells. The story follows several groups of survivors across Europe as they come to terms with an event that has wiped out most of humanity, and now face a terrifying new threat. The set-up to the show is interesting and well plotted out, which from the beginning, starts off with simply an idea, but then at a moments notice, wipes out most of humanity in a single chess move. From here on, it becomes a fight for survival for the lucky few who have survived so far. It’s not like other adaptations of War of the Worlds, as there has not been a single tripod yet; most of the horror elements come in the form of a new terrifying entity that stalks the survivors. The characters are well created, and brilliantly developed, whilst still allowing a level of mystery throughout as allegiances are formed, and broken; both gradually, and instantly. It’s more of a drama than a science fiction piece, but still has room for that as there are still things yet to be learnt. Altogether, it was a truly gripping show, resolving threads, but always concluding with something to wet your appetite for more!

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