Mini Video Game Review – Mr. Prepper

Recently I have been playing Mr. Prepper; and it’s pretty good! Developed by Rejected Games; Mr. Prepper is a strategy game where the player takes control of a man wishing to escape a corrupt government, by building a rocket! The game takes place mostly at the home of Mr. Prepper, and players will construct rooms and items below the house to prepare what they need to complete tasks. Every few days however, the house will be inspected, and if it’s not up to code, then there will be dreadful consequences. The game is a lot of fun from the get go, and is not your ordinary strategy game. As the game progresses, things become trickier, but you actively learn how to get around such situations. The only real niggle is that some of the side quests are hard to understand as how to get around them. Despite this though, it’s a cool and pretty groovy game altogether!

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