Mini Film Review – Nobody

I have just seen Nobody; and it was Brutally Brilliant! Directed by Ilya Naishuller, and starring Bob Odenkirk, Aleksey Serebryakov, and Christopher Lloyd; Nobody follows the life of a family man with a classified past; who accidentally beats up a Russian crime lord’s son! Nobody is a weird film; but it weirdly works, to an Awesome degree. The setup is interesting, the supporting cast include notable past stars including Michael Ironside; and then when it goes deep into it’s main plot, it takes off, and doesn’t land until it reaches its satisfying conclusion. The choice of soundtrack includes an wonderful selection of classical pieces of music; which really help create the film’s atmosphere. The family drama is both fun and dramatic, but relatively sweet and quiet in comparison to the film’s highlight: The Fights! The fights are incredibly violent, well choreographed and incredibly detailed, with no expense sparred in making them look as brutal as possible! But there is something weirdly cool about these fights; they are funny! Not like accidentally funny, but funny on purpose. You will find yourself really struggling to suppress the giggles, during the fight sequences, as they are just side splittingly hilarious! Nobody is an awesome film, a real competitor for my film of the year; please let there be a sequel!

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