Mini Book Review – Perfect Sinners

I have just finished reading Perfect Sinners; and it was Amazing! Written by Matt Fuller, and published by The Good Book Company; Perfect Sinners is a Christian book which informs/suggests to the reader, what it feels like to be a Christian. The book’s chapters provide a long list of questions asking what God thinks of the reader. It touches on frequently asked topics, and then both looks deep into the question, but then details the long and short answers with very easy to follow wording, as well as situations. One thing I found very helpful was the way the book told it’s own parables of sorts (or adapted said parables), demonstrating what the word of the Bible means; in the context of our highly advanced and modern world. Sometimes it can be hard for the modern generation to understand these words at the short length, but Perfect Sinners provides a suggestion, and a context; as to how these words could be better understood, in the here and now. The book is a simple and enjoyable read, not getting bogged down in the finer detail, rather keeping the book and message on the course being discussed. It then wraps it up at the end with a chapter or two referencing what had been mentioned before, and wrapping it up in a positive and satisfactory conclusion.

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