Mini TV Review – Clarkson’s Farm

Recently I have been watching Clarkson’s Farm; and it’s been really good! Directed by Gavin Whitehead, and starring Jeremy Clarkson, Kaleb Cooper, and Charlie Ireland; Clarkson’s Farm is a documentary series following Jeremy Clarkson as he attempts to become a farmer. Each episode follows Clarkson as he attempts to try and pull off a project/job on the farm, whilst dealing with other issues too. We see him buy a tractor that is way too big (but is a Lamborghini), we see him open up a farm shop, raise sheep, and get to grips with the farm business despite the obvious pandemic. It’s a really interesting production, as we see the Clarkson we all know and love, but we see other more endearing sides to him as he looks after the farm and the animals on it. It has some extra cool people in the show too to support him such as girlfriend Lisa Hogan, shepherd Ellen Helliwell, and wall expert Gerald Cooper. And at times, the show still has room to be incredibly funny. It is a really cool show, and one that has to both be seen to be believed, and to be absolutely enjoyed!

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