Movie Trailers – Clash Of The Titans 2010

When I first heard that there was going to be a remake of Clash of the Titans; I was pretty interested! I had seen the original a couple of times and found it very cool, so I was excited to see how a big budget remake would pan out. And well, it was alright…It was alright. It featured some funky references, it had some cool CGI creations, and the cast weren’t bad, sometimes they really funny! It sort of went for a more mass market appeal than sticking to the original classic, and there some really annoying points in it too. But it wasn’t the worst remake to a film ever produced (not saying I know what film is a bad remake or ones which standout as bad remakes, but surely there are worse remakes than this).


But; I find that the trailer for this film is far more memorable than anything in the film’s main content. This is an Awesome Trailer, it is simply fantastic, easily one of the greats as it finds a way to get the viewer pumped up to see it; even if they have no intent on ever watching it.

This trailer has both a long and short version, but both of them carry the hallmark and content that make this an epic trailer. In the long version we get a longer introduction into the film’s suggested plot, with some cool scenes (including that epic shot of lightning at the very start), and some cast dialogue. But then we get to the main event!


We get fleeting glimpses of moments within the film, focusing on the appearances of the wonderfully sculpted creatures seen throughout. We get shots of the world, and even more dialogue. Plus our first glimpse of the all important Kraken. But, more importantly; we get that soundtrack.


Personally I prefer the shorter trailer; because in that we get more of a focus on that soundtrack. It features the one thing that fantasy and adventure movies definitely need way more of: Heavy Metal! It is an epic score and the one thing you won’t want to forget, holding onto it for as long as possible. Sadly this piece was not in the actual film itself, which in all honesty is the one major selling point of this film’s trailer! I have no idea what the song is called, I just know it is EPIC! More film trailers should have this kind of soundtrack, it is Awesome (I wonder what the Lord of the Rings trailers would have looked like if they featured even an ounce of Heavy Metal in them?).

Clash of the Titans was a relatively enjoyable movie, but, the main thing we got out of it’s release; was this Awesome Trailer!

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