Movie Trailers – Welcome To The Punch

It can be easy to fall into the con that is the term Executive Producer! It can sound exciting or even promising to know that a film has a famous name attached to it as an Executive Producer. But, if that’s the only piece of information provided to you in a movie trailer, it should give you cause for concern. For instance, if it just says that, and nothing about either who directed it, produced it, or other; then, really, why should you see a film that has a famous name attached to it as the film’s accountant? Welcome To The Punch was executively produced by Ridley Scott (and also directed by Eran Creevy)!


Welcome to the Punch is a weird film. It does quite a cool number of things, which include a stellar cast, an interesting idea, and some cool action sequences. The rest of it however is a bit of a jumble. My recommendation would be to see this film only once, because then it looks cool, but any viewing afterwards may question why you liked it in the first place. It’s sort of a political thriller, masquerading as a crime thriller. It does though have a cool trailer.


The film’s trailer is very blue in it’s presentation, not in the form of low/sad/melancholy, just lit with a very blue tint throughout. And it doesn’t waste time in highlighting it’s all star cast which includes (but is not limited to); James McAvoy, Mark Strong, Andrea Riseborough, and David Morrissey. It then shows it’s crime thriller plot, giving ideas towards the film’s synopsis, as a character goes after his nemesis. We then get a cool combination of character drama and heavy action sequences, just to remind you that it is still technically an action movie.


But whilst all that is going on, we get this interesting piece of music. It’s not loud, but it’s not necessarily quiet neither. It’s low, dark, and brooding. It increases in tension, but does not lead to anything explosive. It just hypes the whole thing up with this interesting sound, and whilst you struggle to fully take it in, you can’t help but really catch onto it.

It’s a weirdly cool trailer, to a sort of cool but mixed movie. Even if you don’t see the movie, you should at least give the trailer a go!

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