Movie Trailers – Sherlock Holmes

Before this version of Sherlock Holmes was released, I was only partially interested in the character! The only version of Sherlock Holmes I really enjoyed was Richard Roxburgh‘s performance in the BBC adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles from 2002. But when this film was due for release, I couldn’t stop watching the trailer.


Robert Downy Jr‘s performance as the master sleuth was during a time when the MCU had only just begun, with only two releases to date. His moment in the role though came after a surge of big movies, and at the time became one of the most recognizable actors of the moment. But, an American in a British Role; it was pretty hard to truly see what the thinking was. But after the film was released, it didn’t matter; because he was brilliant.


A movie trailer is a marketing tool, it’s there to give you an idea of what the movie is going to look like if/when you see it. More regularly these days they show the majority of the film’s plot, to inform you of the story too. In this case though, the film plot is on the back burner as it doesn’t really suggest anything towards the film’s final version. And as a marketing tool, this trailer gives a great insight into what you can expect to see and hear. It is an example of how to really catch the audiences attention, without giving too much away, but still provide an insight as to what can be expected.


The trailer is a collected mix of styles, as it shows dramatic tension, high octane action pieces, whilst still weaving in it’s own comedic moments. It provides interesting cast details, as well as the approaches of the methods of the film’s main star, and of course the juicy on screen moments between the characters which make up a great deal of the film’s best moments.¬†And for all these different things, we get this interesting piece of music (Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumus) which helps to capture the scenes that so easily to convey the correct imagery that the trailer wants to express at those moments.

Sherlock Holmes was a really good movie, and one of the highlights towards the end of the 2000’s. But to help us get an idea of what we will both see, and what to expect; we got a very cool trailer.

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