Mini Film Review – Brightburn

Yesterday I watched Brightburn; and it was ok! Directed by David Yarovesky, and starring Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, and Jackson A. Dunn; Brightburn is a Superhero Horror movie about a kid who discovers he has special powers, but uses them for bad. It’s an interesting premise, taking the Superman formula, but then twisting it around into a dark horror film. The film’s main cast are all pretty good; and the horror elements are delightfully creepy and scary. It is though…a bit short. It’s a very quick film, and for the amount of detail in the film’s background, there isn’t enough explanation. You have a kid, who is discovering his powers; but there isn’t enough detail to say why he is using them for bad, or allows any room for him to turn it around. Why is he doing the wrong thing? Everyone just jumps to a conclusion, then runs with it! There is soo much unexplained material. The ending thrill-fest is really well done, but it doesn’t end with a satisfactory conclusion, as there is still a whole lot to be answered. It’s an ok, relatively enjoyable horror movie; but for it’s premise: it just doesn’t live up to it’s potential. I would though be interested to see/discover more; if there was an opportunity!

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