Mini TV Review – Zoo (Season 3)

Recently I have been watching the third season of Zoo; and it was alright! Based on the novel of the same name by James Patterson, and Michael Ledwidge, and starring James Wolk, Kristen Connolly, and Nonso Anozie; season 3 of Zoo takes place ten years after the second season, as a new hybrid animal threat, threatens the Earth. I almost didn’t watch this season, as the second season wrapped up so nicely that there was no real urge within to watch another season. I do think this season was sort of clutching at straws with it’s plot. The original idea of the show was a really cool, and captivating idea; but they sort of rushed it’s development, so by this season; it’s like they were struggling to find a plot that was still on topic. They could have saved quite a bit up, and developed the plot more over the three seasons, so by season 3 it was bigger, and then could include shock exits. The cast has ballooned quite astronomically, and the team is no longer this neat, tight little group. The show went a bit too big too quickly, and it sort of loses it’s charm, and you wish they had just stuck to the original five person group. The addition though of Alyssa Diaz from season 2, and Hilary Jardine from this season, are still great inclusions and really do spice up the group. It’s sort of a mixed season as the show loses some of it’s plot points over the series, with somethings being completely unresolved, as the show rushes to it’s conclusion. It’s still a very enjoyable show, with a cool core cast, and some interesting threads; but it’s more or less just a shadow of it’s former self!

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