Mini Film Review – Son Of Godzilla

I have just watched Son of Godzilla; and it was pretty good! Directed by Jun Fukuda, and starring Akira Kubo, Tadao Takashima, and Beverly Maeda; Son of Godzilla is the eighth film in the Godzilla series, with the plot revolving around a group of scientists attempting an experiment to control the weather, on an island with some already large creatures on it. The plot is setup nicely, and the story surrounding the human characters is pretty cool; featuring some nice additional extras and plenty of moments for surprises. The film on the whole is pretty well done, featuring some pretty cool monster effects which highlight the size between the monsters and humans (something that is surprisingly a rarity with these films). The soundtrack is pretty nifty too. The only real issue I have with the film is the title characters involvement. The scenes featuring Baby Godzilla (or Minilla depending on your preferred translation) are sort of meant to be cut/sweet, but can be boringly annoying at times. But this is not as annoying as the design for Godzilla‘s head; it looks absolutely ridiculous and as a result I can’t take Godzilla’s involvement seriously, as he just looks out of place; or more likely is a monster appearing in the wrong film, with Godzilla being somewhere else! Apart from that though; it was an enjoyable film (and now I am finally up to date with the entire series)!

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