Mini Film Review – Code 8

I have just watched Code 8; and it was pretty dim! Directed by Jeff Chan, and starring Robbie Amell, Stephen Amell, and Sung Kang; Code 8 is a Crime Thriller set in a city where super powers are outlawed, and a super powered electrician works for a crime group, so that he can afford to pay for his sick mothers hospital treatment. It’s got some interesting ideas; ideas on the edge of falling into the same territory as District 9, with a city divided between the rights for superpowered people, and those who want them outlawed (sort of like X-Men); but instead of going in the direction of rights for those with powers; the plot goes in a cliched and simple route, which makes it all rather dim. Whilst the lead characters motives are relatable, you just don’t have any sympathy for him, especially by the end of it. The film is just all over the place, jumping between bits, and going for the easier route rather than the interesting one. Some of the casting is interesting, and so is the base ideas, but in the end it’s just a dull crime thriller with nothing really going for it!

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