Movie Trailers – X-Men: Apocalypse

OK, let’s face it, X-Men: Apocalypse wasn’t much to really shout about! It was coming off the heels of Days of Future Past; which automatically meant it would be a hard act to follow (due to DOFP being awesome); but more annoyingly, it sort of wasted a golden opportunity to introduce a major villain!


I had high hopes for this film, and all those hopes were resting on the inclusion of classic X-Men villain Apocalypse. Apocalypse is such an interesting character, as he is both a strong and dangerous villain, but his strength is not just in his abilities, but in his beliefs. It’s two sides of a coin, which create a really devastating villain. He also has an impressive look, plus when paired with the correct style of voice, just sounds awesome and commanding when he speaks.

So I had high hopes, but, in practice the film sort of underdelivered. It felt like a much smaller film in spectacle, and the cast really struggled to helm the film, with some of it’s major stars sort of under-delivering their own talents. Apocalypse as a character too was all over the place, and didn’t feel like the classic villain, with the director going for a much wider approach. Also, that scene with Wolverine just wasn’t necessary!


Don’t get me wrong, there were some stuff to enjoy. The launch of the nukes were really good, and the opening scene (plus the continued use of John Ottman‘s title theme) was pretty cool. Besides, Oscar Isaac wasn’t too bad in his performance, it was more the direction taken with his character. And it was nice to see some more major characters in the world of X-Men finally get more of a part. So, a bit of a mixed film, but the trailer did at least give us somethings to look forward to.

The trailer works hard to help introduce who Apocalypse is as a character, introducing him as soon as possible, to demonstrate that he is actually a character, and the title isn’t just some piece of the plot. He is then introduced in form, and then summed up in theory, whilst providing some vocals about how he sees himself. Then we get a blink and you’ll miss it slide show of classic X-Men characters, including Jubilee, Archangel, Storm, and Psylocke to name but a few. Then the action is ramped up, to deliver some interesting plot points, but no major spoilers.


But best of all; we hear a major line from the film:

“Everything they Built, will Fall! And from the Ashes of their world; We’ll Build A Better One!

Spoken by Apocalypse himself, it’s the kind of line that makes sense coming from him. It sends a chill down your spine, and it’s backed up brilliantly with the trailer’s soundtrack. I always jump to that section of the trailer, as it’s just fantastic, and you never get bored of it.

Yes, the film is a bit of a mixed bag, but the trailer is a pretty cool, and ends with one of the greatest lines in the history of Superhero Movies!

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