Take A Little Time

Take a Little Time is a song by Gary Moore, originally released on his Wild Frontier album! I first discovered this song just a few weeks ago, when I bought the album. After a few hearings of it, I discovered this song was a real standout among the album.

The song sort of sounds like many of the hard rock/metal songs on the album, but comes in a very pop based fashion. It still features a detailed solo section like other songs on the album, but it feels and sounds much faster, and to some degree more mainstream. The basic riff, this very fast tune, keeps with the song from start to finish, becoming one of the first things you hear, before going quiet and gradually building up back to the intro, if not louder and faster.


As for the lyrics, it is hard to pick up on them due to the song’s speed, but, that doesn’t mean they are not powerful. It’s really hard to define what it’s about, but from a glance, it sounds like a tiff between two loved ones, with one of them demanding the other take a break, and give them a little time to fix the issues.

Basically, it’s a pretty awesome song!

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