Mini Book Review – If You Could Ask God One Question

Recently I have been reading If You Could Ask God One Question; and it was pretty good! Written by Paul Williams, and Barry Cooper, and published by the Good Book Company; If You Could Ask God One Question is a Christian Book which seeks to inform readers about the word of God, by taking frequently asked questions, and then turning them on their head and explaining the answer based on passages found in The Bible. Its a pretty neat little book, with smallish chapters, each one focusing on those questions; such as: ‘If you’re there God, why on Earth don’t you just prove it?’, ‘Isn’t the Bible just a bunch of made-up stories?’, and ‘Why don’t you just do a miracle?’, to name but a few. These questions are then explored at length, with examples both from the bible, and some of the authors own experiences. It’s a very lite/casual read too, as you can read at at your own speed and in your own time, either when you want a break from your regular reading, or if you really need some encouragement. So, altogether, a pretty cool little book, but filled with lots of big Questions, and most importantly; Answers too!

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