Mini Film Review – Dune

Today I watched Dune; and it was, well, No…just No! Directed by Denis Villeneuve, and starring Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, and Oscar Isaac; Dune is an epic science fiction film based on the novel of the same name by Frank Herbert. The film follows the son of an important family in the imperium, who travels to a distant planet to collect the all important resource Spice. The film had a great collection of visual effects and moments, the soundtrack was pretty good, the mid-way battle was pretty cool, and the father son relationship between Isaac, and Chalamet was very realistic. The rest of the film was pretty boring! It’s Avatar in the desert, that’s the best way to describe it. Too many visions, and not enough plot. Even after the first act I had no idea what was going on or what the story was about. I didn’t know who was good, who was bad, or was in the imperium of planets, which factions weren’t, although it turned out some actually were, but that wasn’t made very clear; it was all over the place. I enjoyed it when the scene shifted to other planets, especially the scene where the bloke is groaning to an assembly of soldiers, but the rest of the story is focused on this rather boring situation that is too complicated to understand, and isn’t properly set-up. I could see the political side of the story working in a TV series, but not in a film (or at least not in this film). And then, when it feels like the film is finally going to end, it just keeps going, and going; you can feel yourself age as the film drags on! I could understand people who have read the book before hand understanding and enjoying this film; but if you haven’t done that, it’s likely to be a very boring experience, which it was!

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