Mini Book Review – The Rise Of Nine

Recently I have been reading The Rise of Nine; and it was alright! Written by Pittacus Lore, and published by Penguin; The Rise of Nine is the third book in the Lorien Legacies series and sees the heroes trekking and fighting across the globe to reach each other, and fight the ultimate threat in Setr├íkus Ra. The book starts off rather strong, as new characters are introduced, and old ones begin to weave their way back into the full story. Thanks though to the different viewpoints, it made all the stories smaller and easier to follow, because instead of one massive story, it’s two or three smaller ones which weave back together. Cool new characters such as Nine are introduced too. The story though then sort of begins to plod along, and gets lost when all the characters meet up, leading to a rather quickly created ending which doesn’t feel nicely wrapped up. But that is not too much of an issue, compared to the story’s biggest issue: combat! Combat is not the author’s forte, and most of the time may sound quick, but is rather blurry and non-sensical, and you can easily lose the plot at what is going on. Altogether, it starts off quite cool and strong, but then sort of wraps up in a mediocre way!

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