Movie Trailers – Super 8

Teaser Trailers when done right; have the possibility of really drawing you into the movie, especially as they show very little of the plot! Many people today complain that Trailers show too much of the plot, and so therefore argue; why do you need to see the film at all, when the story has already been spoiled? It is a fair point, and in some situations they are right. But when you come to the teaser trailer, very little of the film is revealed. This is because a teaser trailer, is just that; a teaser. It’s something to give you a little taste, and just perk your interest. Unfortunately though, come to think of it, there aren’t many standout teaser trailers!


The teaser for Super 8 was really good; and more importantly, for a long time, no-one had any idea what it was about. I first found out about it, whilst I was trying to see if there was any news on a Cloverfield Sequel. At the time, it was suggested that the the teaser for Super 8 was a teaser for a Cloverfield sequel, but in time (and what felt like quite a long time too) it was revealed to be a trailer for a separate movie.


The trailer is almost like an art piece, as it’s so well done. It’s quick, but everything is there to give you that taste. It states that part of Area 51 was shut down, and that a train was carrying items to a secure facility in Ohio. We see shots of the train. We then see a car, mount the rails, which leads to the trains derailment. Was the driver attempting to end his own life, or was he trying to de-rail the train. Those questions are suddenly building.┬áBut it what happens after the derailment, that gains your full undivided attention!


We hear some strange noises, a loud bang, all heralding the sights and sounds of something trying to escape from one of the train’s freight carriages. We don’t see what though, but now, thanks to a well made movie teaser; we want to find out!

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