No Place For A Fan

I walk into HMV,

Looking for the true bounty,

But I am unlikely to find it.

I can still try,

They are films,

So lets start there.

It’s all in alphabetical order,

And the films mostly start in G.

G, to an O, and then a D,

Maybe I am in luck?


It’s just 1998, 2014, KOTM, and GVK.

Maybe the World Cinema shelves?

Sadly it’s just the Original, Shin, and KVG.

I have all those.

This country is the worst to be a fan in!

That is a poem about the struggles of being a Godzilla fan in the United Kingdom; based on how most of the Japanese films are neither available on home media here; nor are they ever shown on TV (not even the Japanese ones which are available to buy on home media in the United Kingdom)!

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