Movie Trailers – The Warriors

I was first introduced to The Warriors by way of a Simpsons episode that referenced it. If it wasn’t for my bother, who knew of it, I would have never known what this story was referencing! On the whole it was an interesting subplot, and the idea was in general quite interesting, so I went looking for more information on this film. It would be though quite a few years until I actually got to see it.

I did go looking online for stuff about what was regarded as a classic film. The only things I could really find though was the cool opening titles, and a pretty cool movie trailer.

The Trailer for the Warriors does suffer from plot leakage, as it does sort of highlight what the film is all about; but with a classic film from the 1970’s, that’s not so much a bad thing.┬áThe trailer opens up with it’s own introductions, highlighting some of the starring New York gangs, before then introducing the gang known as The Warriors. It highlights where they have come from (Coney Island), and now have to find a way back home, which is now even more perilous due to them being miles behind enemy lines.


In between these pieces of information, we get some scenes of action and fighting; all backed up with that rather infectious score, which pretty much acts as a cool little taster of the music the actual film has included.


When I discovered this trailer; I was hooked, and wanted to see this film so desperately, for a time the idea was even making it’s way into some of my story ideas for my University Creative Writing degree. It’s a really cool trailer, highlighting what is a very cool film!

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