10 Cool Classic TNA Entrance Themes

For quite a few years, the best wrestling was not found in WWE; but it’s key rival; Total Nonstop Action Wrestling; otherwise known as TNA! I used to watch Professional Wrestling much more regularly, and to begin with I used to watch WWE. But soon after that; another company was getting noticed; that company being TNA.¬†Founded by Jeff and Jerry Jarrett in 2002; TNA benefitted in it’s early years from a string of up and coming talent bolstered by a large gathering of veteran stars. As the years carried on, more and more major stars both old and new joined the company, some of which switched over from TNA’s main rival; WWE.


I got my first taste of TNA from Eurosport; which had a really less than enthusiastic voice over commentator on it. Soon after that though TNA arrived on Bravo, and as such my concentration turned to TNA, and stayed that way for almost a decade. But alas, good things never last, and TNA has since fallen off the radar, with even the companies name changing to Impact Wrestling.


But those good old days of TNA viewing still hang around in my head as great old memories; so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite TNA Wrestling Entrance Themes from those great old days. And much like my previous list on Cool Classic WWE themes, this isn’t a ranking list, more just a cool collection of classic pieces. So without further ado; here are some Cool Classic TNA Entrance Themes; Enjoy!


10. Kurt Angle – Kurt Angle’s theme in TNA stayed largely the same from day one, with the occasional inclusion as time went by, to eventually featuring lyrics. It is his debut theme though that I want to mention. Finding a video of the theme in this original context has always been hard, and as a result rather sad; as it’s terrific. The video uses great lighting effects to create a ghostly shadow until Kurt Angle’s face is revealed. In the meantime, the music sounds off, sinister, mean, angry. It’s not a pleasant sound, as it builds to the big reveal. Then, as the piece continues it gets faster, and creates an ominous glow in it’s composure; which just sounds freaky and scary; like you don’t know what is coming!


9. Bobby Lashley – Could you call Bobby Lashley’s first stint in TNA, a stint? He debuted at a pay-per-view; made an appearance the following episode of Impact!; then disappeared for a few months, only to return at random; and then be gone in less than a year? Is that actually a stint, or two; or even just infrequent guest appearances? His theme song during this time though was pretty well designed. The opening sounds, mixed in tandem with the cool video package, make no suggestion as to who is about to appear. Then, a short time later; we find out who it is. It takes a surprise appearance, but then makes it as painfully long as possible to reveal it. So; given his in-frequent stints, it’s almost the perfect tune for him, as only those with good memories will remember the tune instantly!


8. Beer Money, Inc. – Beer Money was practically a match made in Heaven. They were two stars who were physically tough, and had the ego’s to match. The name itself was a play on their characters, a beer loving Texan, and a money loving Wall Street guy (I think). Their first theme was a combination of their two singular themes, with James Storm‘s theme taking hold for most of the playtime. But then they switched it around, to the far more mean, and much cooler theme of Robert Roode. As their partnership blossomed, the theme gained lyrics; which just help the theme to blossom into something more too. It was just an uphill wave of positivity, creating one of the finest tag teams this century, and one of the best tag team entrance themes to boot!


7. Taylor Wilde – WWE is very proud of it’s turnaround of the Women‘s division; and why shouldn’t it be? It’s produced some major stars in the company, and turnaround the original presentation of Divas. But; still, TNA did it first with their knockouts division. And one of the early stars was Taylor Wilde. I find it hard to believe that Taylor Wilde did not become a huge star on the wrestling scene, as she was one of the major front runners in to what Female Wrestling is today. Her theme is also one of the standout themes for most of the female talent in TNA. It’s a really strange track, comprising several different styles and sounds; but it sort of just works; and really sticks in your head, so when you hear those first few notes playing; you know who you’re about to see!


6. D’Angelo Dinero – Elijah Burke’s tenure in TNA was quite long, but perhaps not as notable as his tenure in WWE. But on the upside his TNA theme was much better than his WWE theme. It starts off with a yell, and is followed by an energetic and upbeat piece of music, that just sticks with you; and is an instant joy to hear!


5. Christian Cage – Everywhere Christian goes; he is backed with great music. He had some cool tunes in WWE, but I wonder if that’s what WWE would consider as compensation, given his constant mid-card position? His music in TNA is quite possibly his best. It’s very similar in style and sound to his Waterproof Blond theme from WWE, but one thing it does rather well is the use of the countdown. There’s very few wrestlers who I can think of who also use it (MVP and Alex Shane). Why don’t more wrestlers use a countdown in their entrance theme’s/videos; it’s useful as it really hypes up the situation and creates excitement. And once the countdown is over, the song launches at full power, as there is no need to hold back; it just lets everything out, and is a great way for a wrestler to make an entrance!


4. Abyss – Abyss was TNA’s resident Monster. A big wrestler with a deadly offence to back it up; so he needed an entrance theme to go with it. His original theme did match up rather well. It was a loud, rock filled piece, filled with sinister sounds, but importantly backed up with what sounds like the soundtrack to a classic monster movie. Monster by name, and monster by sound!


3. Sting – Sting in TNA for me was a real chance to discover who Sting really was. I had known of Sting for many years; but I never got a real chance to see him in action; and for many like myself it was a real opportunity to experience the man called Sting. While TNA couldn’t use his WCW theme’s for copyright reasons, they came up with what I think is the definitive entrance for the Icon. It’s a thrash metal sound that screams “Here He Comes!”. Within seconds you know Sting is on his way; and then the song just enters a groove to listen too, as your eyes are now drawn to the man himself!


2. AJ Styles – When AJ Styles debuted in the WWE, I was rather disappointed; and all because he didn’t use this entrance theme. AJ Styles is a phenomenal wrestler. he is fast, and high flying, producing a set of wrestling moves you have never seen before. So, with this kind of style, he needed a wrestling entrance theme to match. His WWE theme was slow and brooding, but this one is fast, and packed with attitude; which really helps the first time viewer get a sense of what they are about to see!


1. Jeff Jarrett – Much like Sting above; Jeff Jarrett needed a theme which screamed a warning that he was on his way. A sound that you knew instantly who was about to enter the building. We get this with a siren screaming through your ears! This is then followed by a grim sounding set of attitude ridden lyrics, to present an ego full of themselves; and carrying no care who they go through to get there. Yes, it doesn’t really work if he went down the path of a good guy; but when he was bad; you knew not to mess with him!

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