Top 5 F-Zero GX Pilot Themes

Out of all the games I have played on the GameCube; F-Zero GX is easily my favourite! I love how the game looks, how it plays, how immersive and competitive the racing feels. I just love everything about it (although the multiplayer is lacking some of the more core mechanics that help make the game what it is in single player, but lets gloss over that for the moment).

Buried within the game, there is a collection of profiles for each of the game’s racers/characters you can play. These give little backstories to each one, and allow a more close-up view of their vehicles. But to accompany these profiles, each racer has their own theme music. Each one is so unique and different to every other, and it can be quite fun just to listen to the varying styles. So I thought I would share with you my favourite themes.

Now of course, there are some unlucky ones who are though still worthy of a mention; and so to allow them a shot at additional fame; here the other ones still worth giving a listening too: Samurai Goroh, Pico, Mr. EAD, Zoda, Bio Rex, Beastman, Leon, Silver Neelsen, Blood Falcon, Draq, Roger Buster, Digi-Boy, Daigoroh, Lily Flyer, and Deathborn. And so, without further ado; here are my Top 5 F-Zero GX Pilot Themes; Enjoy!

F-Zero Fandom

5. PhoenixRainbow Phoenix – The Rainbow Phoenix is an interesting machine. It’s colorful, and when it goes into a boost, the wings fold out. It’s a cool machine. Phoenix’s theme starts off equally cool with a heavy guitar note, before going into a a heavy rock song, with some unreliable narratively speaking lyrics. But all the time you hear that cool riff, producing a piece for a potential superhero, or more likely anti-hero!

F-Zero Fandom

4. Antonio GusterGreen Panther – Antonio Guster is such a mysterious character. He has a small backstory, and his machine is easily the best vehicle in the game, with what is quite possibly also the best colour scheme too. But this mystery behind him is exemplified in his theme, as it’s the sound of someone who is more a rogue, than anyone in particular. It sounds like the theme for a hitman or a bounty hunter; someone you are never sure of whose side they are really on!

F-Zero Fandom

3. Michael ChainWild Boar – There is a surprising number of metal based theme tunes in the game; and I am not complaining one bit as I love Metal. Michael Chain’s theme though is the standout; it starts off loud and tough, and remains that way. It sounds like an approaching, and imminent threat. One that’s far away, and here at the same time. It starts off tough and remains tough, and is the perfect tune for a real bruiser!

F-Zero Fandom

2. James McCloudLittle Wyvern – James McCloud’s theme is the one that jumps straight into your head, with little suggestion or invitation. It sounds like a hero of the skies; someone who lives to fly and fight. It begins with that brilliant opening riff, and then keeps it going, and allowing for a soaring chorus!

F-Zero Fandom

1. Dr. StewartGolden Fox – Whilst all the themes above and more are truly unique, Dr. Stewart’s is that ever more unique. It doesn’t sound all that great from the first few notes. It sounds low and dull; but just give it time. In a short while it turns into a disco inferno type track; blasting out sounds you’ve never heard anywhere else before. It remains heavy, but adrenaline fast, dragging you off the floor, and diving onto the dance floor, in a dark, but energy fueled piece!

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