Running Free

Running Free is a song by Iron Maiden, written by Steve Harris and Paul Di’Anno. Featured on their debut album Iron Maiden, the song was also the first song released by Iron Maiden as a single!

Metal Injection

I have in the last year or so really got more and more into the works of Iron Maiden, having now something like 6-ish Iron Maiden albums, three of which are live albums. I also now know how to play Wasted Years (which is also my new favourite song), Run to the Hills, and Ghost of the Navigator on Bass Guitar. I have enjoyed their music periodically since first hearing them 10-11 years ago, but now they are among my Top 5 Favourite Bands.

I first heard Running Free from the En Vivo live album; and was rather shocked by it; as it doesn’t really sound like Iron Maiden. When you hear the original studio version, it starts off sounding like Iron Maiden, but then goes in an unexpected direction, sounding more like classic rock, rather than heavy metal. But when you hear it live; it sounds even more unlike Iron Maiden.

Again, it starts off sounding like Iron Maiden, but then, rather suddenly, it goes into this Jazz scene sound. It still features the wailing guitar sounds of Iron Maiden live; but then half-way through, it ventures into the world of Spinal Tap‘s Jazz Odyssey.

But while it may not sound necessarily like Iron Maiden at this point, the riff is pretty funky. It’s a cool quick riff, one that keeps you hooked in for the ride. Which is a useful riff, given that in the live versions I have heard of this song so far, it’s a great point to have some one-on-one time between Bruce Dickinson and the audience. It may not sound like Iron Maiden, but it is a nice cool surprise to hear, and one so funky, you will want to hear over and over again!

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