Mini Film Review – Team America: World Police

Yesterday I watched Team America: World Police; and it was OK! Directed by Trey Parker, and starring Trey Parker, Matt Stone, and Kristen Miller; Team America: World Police is a comedy action film, about an elite counter-terrorism unit of the same name, who decide to recruit an actor to help them infiltrate a terrorist organization. Inspired by both the TV series Thunderbirds, and to a lesser extent The Day After Tomorrow; Team America uses Marionette Puppets instead of live actors; but given it’s more adult orientated content, it allows the creators to do things not seen before in this form. I have previously seen the film’s ending several times but this is the first time I have seen it all the way through, and I found it rather disappointing. The film’s plot is rather boring, and tedious and just sort of drones on all the way through. The satirical element to the story has not aged well, as it’s taking it’s inspiration and influence from events of the time. It just feels like an uncomfortable watch in it’s portrayals. It still though finds a way to make you laugh though, from the irony in it’s early action sequences, to the subtleties that have not been done before. Plus it does have a killer theme song. It’s sort of an odd one really, as it’s like a flowing sketch show. Many of these sketches when watched in isolation are really funny, but when wrapped up together in this package, it’s kind of dull and uninteresting, with you wishing for it to get to the good bits. So altogether; its sort of OK!

And I am still none-the-wiser as to why Matt Damon says his name and nothing else!

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