Top 5 Badass Arrivals In Superhero Movies

There is no entrance in a superhero movie; like a Badass one! But what do I mean by the term Badass? Well, according to Microsoft Bing Dictionary; Badass has two meanings.

  1. Noun: “A tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person”.
  2. Adjective: “Tough, uncompromising, or intimidating.”

That’s what the web has to say; but my definition is slightly different. And to explain further, we need to visit the world of Professional Wrestling.


When I think of a Badass Entrance; I like to think of times when major Wrestling stars returned to the ring after a short time; and well, clean house. Moments like when the Big Show returned to Smackdown in 2004, and cleared the ring. Or whenever the Undertaker has returned and done the same thing. This is usually the case when Wrestlers who are physically big and are capable of doing this, do this! There are many instances of this, in most major companies, and have also included wrestlers such as Kane and Abyss. It’s always a great moment to watch.

For this post though, I wanted to look at times that Superheroes have done it in Superhero movies. But to keep it attached to wrestling and make it stand out and define it, I have called it badass, because:

  1. These moments are pretty badass,
  2. It reminds me of my favourite Wrestler: The Undertaker doing the same thing,
  3. And The Undertaker was at one point known additionally as The American Badass, so that’s why I have named the subject as such.

So, returning to the world of superhero movies; what we are therefore looking for is a moment when a Superhero makes both a grand entrance (hopefully with some music), and then sort of clears the ring, or something similar. So, I have picked Five Moments from Superhero movies which I think truly capture the idea of a Badass Entrance. Other ones of note include (If there are any that you think I should have included, or more likely forgotten, please let me know):

Thor in Infinity War, Iron Man entrance Iron Man 2, Iron Man Arrival in Avengers, Thor in Thor.

And so, without further ado; here are the Top 5 most Badass Arrivals In Superhero Movies; Enjoy!


5. Wonder Woman (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) – This arrival may seem small by comparison to the rest, but this does not make it in any way less effective, or less EPIC! It’s an Epic arrival, and a big surprise that turns a pretty dull film, into an Epic one. Wonder Woman just shows up, backed up with that incredible soundtrack, a Badass attitude, and shows that she is just as tough, if not more than both Batman and Superman put together!


4. Aquaman (Aquaman) – What better way to make an Entrance, than right in the middle of an epic battle? Many films have depicted such heroic scenes, including Lord of the Rings. In this case though, the battle is deep underwater, and our hero arrives with just himself, and one HUGE advantage. Aquaman shows up with the Karathen, and takes on the entire might of Atlantis; destroying ships like they were made of candy; and then rallies the entire ocean to fight back (along with some terrific music)! It’s an EPIC moment, that just gets better and better!


3. Surtur (Thor: Ragnarok) – Returning Wrestlers who clear the ring, don’t necessarily need to be heroes; they can also be villains; and in this case, our badass entrant is technically a villain. He arrives, speaks some terrifying words, and then obliterates Asgard to smithereens!


2. Blade (Blade) – Blade’s return at the end of Blade is the pure definition of a Badass Arrival in Superhero movies. He arrives, put’s on his shades, and then just beats everyone to a pulp, in the most violent way possible. He is literally clearing the rig, with an onslaught of martial arts moves, in the quickest and deadliest way possible, all fueled by an incredible amount of Rage!


1. Thor (Thor: Ragnarok) – For this all important entrance, firstly; Thor needs to learn one important thing: That he is not the God of Hammers, he is the God of Thunder! Once re-awoken; there is nothing that can stop him. Now charged up with more electricity than the any National Grid, he unleashes his full power, cleans house, and asserts his love for Led Zeppelin! That (and more), are the reason why his entrance is possibly the most Badass Entrance possible in a Superhero Movie!

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