Mini TV Review – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (The Final Season)

Recently I have been watching the final season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine; and it was a bit hit and miss! Created by Dan Goor, and Michael Schur; and starring Andy Samberg, Melissa Fumero, and Andre Braugher; The Final Season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows the squad as they tie up loose ends and set out on a new future for everyone. Continuing the trend of America being unable to create truly satisfying conclusions for Crime based TV shows; Brooklyn Nine-Nine does exactly the same thing! Being the last season of what is a fantastic sitcom, you would think/hope that the show would go out with a bang; well, 10 episodes is not exactly a bang, more like a fizz! Yes, the show’s final season had production difficulties due to real world issues, but personally I think it had bigger issues when it was saved by NBC from the chopping block, who decided to restrict the number of episodes per season from 20+, to just over 10 per season from the get go. As a result, we get the situation where the show would finally get some traction into the season, and then abruptly crash into the nearest wall! For this season then we had episodes which were alright; complimenting episodes which were hilarious. Other things too such as sidelining the Amazing Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) for most of the season, just felt like the kind of injustice that would make Batman disgusted! And then to cap it all off, we of course got a rushed moment of contemplation and realization between characters, rather than a much more thought out satisfying conclusion. So yeah, it is sadly rather hit and miss; but when it did hit, boy was it hilarious! It was still capable of creating laugh out loud moments; the final heist was two episodes long with surprises from special and important guests, and including John C. McGinley in the final season was just soo funny, it was so good to have Dr. Cox back! So altogether, yeah, big hits, but many misses, but most definitely the wrong way to end one of the greatest sitcoms ever made!

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