This Is Not A Cinema!

For quite a few years now; before the start of every film, VUE has shown this rather interesting short piece; but not necessarily interesting in the usual sense! It’s a short film which advertises that Vue is not just a cinema, it’s more than that. But the one thing that really jumps into your mind when you first see it is: ‘Am I in the wrong building?’

Vue has been using this piece since about 2017; and have not updated it once since then. As the years have ticked by, this piece has stayed exactly the same, same music, same imagery, same claims, same everything; and it’s now rather boring! Yes it was funny to joke about the first few times and ask the above question, but now you just want them to ditch it, and get on with the show!


I am not knocking Vue, I like Vue, a lot. They are my local cinema, and do a great job, but seeing this boring film over and over again sort of lowers the quality. I could understand why they may want to continue to show it, but in that respect, they could at least update it a bit.


It is quite cool at times. It is interesting to see the expression of light across Benedict Cumberbatch‘s face, and it is nice to see the concert stage with The Rolling Stones performing. Plus I can sort of see the idea that Vue are trying to present, but seeing the term ‘This Is Not A Cinema’ plastered across the screen hundreds of times is just boring. One or two times could work more effectively, and maybe adding the word ‘Just’ to the line would help too?


It always seems like a challenge to argue though; as most times that this piece is used to advertise other things, they are always the same. Either live shows like Ballet, Drama, or Musicals, but it’s rarely ever Comedy (which Vue used to do quite a lot, but not a lot now, at least not at Lancaster). And I am quite sure I have never once seen neither Gaming, Knowledge, or even Sport advertised. How would Gaming even work in a Cinema?


It started off as something weird and occasionally funny, but now I just wish they could remove it, and replace it with either more trailers, or just get on with the film much sooner. Maybe they can bring back that classic DCM ident; with those cool lights and funky music?

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