Top 5 Godzilla Monsters That Only Appeared In One Film

In a series featuring 35+ films, Godzilla has fought at least one other giant monster in all but four-ish films. Among many other things, it’s one thing the series is well known for, that Godzilla will fight at least one other creature. On many occasions he has fought more than that, and in some cases has even partnered up with some too. But it’s also well known that many of these giant monsters; friend or foe, have appeared in more than one film! Certain popular ones immediately come to mind. Such as:

Toho Kingdom

And then there are those other well known ones that have appeared in even fewer films. Such as:

But what about those who have so far only appeared in one film? Over a series of 35+ films, who are the unlucky ones which were just one time use only, and have rarely been considered for a return. Well, I thought it might be fun to give these cool monsters a spot in the light, and perhaps even give them a case to which they could argue for a return…hopefully.


But first off, the rules:

  1. This list only applies to appearances in Godzilla films! (While it is the case that while many monsters who have appeared in only one Godzilla film, they may have been used in an entirely separate film. For the purposes of this list, we are only including those who have appeared in only One Godzilla film, any other appearances don’t count! Plus it does provide me with an opportunity to make a further list omitting this rule).
  2. Stock Footage doesn’t count! (Again, some of these monsters have appeared in more than one Godzilla film thanks to stock footage, but as it feels more like an uncredited role, it doesn’t seem fair. It’s along the lines of saying when Manda appeared in Terror of Mechagodzilla via stock footage, then to market the film by saying ‘Terror of Mechagodzilla; starring Manda (for a couple of minutes)’. Just doesn’t seem fair).
  3. Zilla will not be featured, as his total number of appearances is subject public enquiry thanks to the release of Godzilla 1998, in which he was unfairly named Godzilla, and was made to live up to that name! (If he had been called Zilla, I could make a good argument for his appearance on this list (but that would officially make it two appearances), but he wasn’t, he was rather sadly billed as Godzilla).
  4. Other than Gabara, Godzilla, and Minilla (and to a possible extent Kamacuras), no Monster’s appearance in All Monsters Attack will be considered as an official appearance, as the film was just a load of stock footage appearances, and as stated in clause 2, the use of Stock Footage to calculate a Monster’s total appearances in the series is rather unfair! (Technically All Monsters Attack was to the Godzilla series, what a clip show episode was to The Simpsons).
  5. Video Game, or Board Game appearances don’t count, as they are Games, not Movies/Films!
  6. Comics, Graphic Novels, and Books in general don’t count either as they are not Movies/Films either!
  7. TV Shows, and Cartoons will also not count, as they are TV Shows, not Movies/Films!


So, with a relatively fair set of rules for the following list (any issues, please refer them to the comments section below, along with your favourite choice for Monsters that only appeared in one Godzilla film), we can now proceed with the actual list. But of course there’s not enough room for them all. So here are the unlucky few, but still relatively cool Monsters; who are still worthy of a mention:

Varan, Giant Condor, Jet Jaguar, Megalon, Titanosaurus, Shockirus, SpaceGodzilla, Orga, Behemoth, and Scylla.

And now, without further ado, here are My Top 5 Favourite Godzilla Monsters That Only Appeared In One Film; Enjoy!

Toho Kingdom

5. Biollante – Biollante is such an interesting creation, and was the first original (‘giant’) monster to feature in the Heisei series. Biollante also had two forms, one being like a giant rose, followed up by this Venus Flytrap Beast, with a look similar to the plant in the Little Shop of Horrors. Biollante’s time in the series in this form was short but sweet, somewhat overshadowed by a film that barely features the titular character until the very end, however Biollante’s short time in the spotlight does leave a long and lasting impression with everyone who has so far had the pleasure of witnessing it!


4. Destoroyah – Destoroyah is such a sinister creation, but it is easy to see why he has only appeared in one film. As his creation is a direct link to the events of the original 1954 Godzilla, it would be therefore hard to use him again, especially given the number of series reboots so far. But, this does not stop Destoroyah from making a great first impression, as a monster that is practically unstoppable! He is much taller than Godzilla, plus has a devastating look, which screams ‘BAD GUY!’. And his lead-up to his final form takes on several terrifying forms, which keep coming back for more!


3. Moguera – Moguera is a weird one; as it’s not really a monster. It looks like a robotic monster, and has the size to boot, but it’s more like a weapons platform than something like Mechagodzilla, which is a robot/monster. It’s movement is also restricted to simple movements too. Moguera though does have some good points in it’s favour. Firstly it looks really cool; with the small eyes and drill beak, to it’s combination of a silver and ice blue body. It also packs some nice surprises too, such as the ability to split into two machines, almost like when the Power Ranger’s Zords combine, or the Transformers that could combine into one larger machine. Moguera is a cool machine, with a cool design, and has some cool abilities, to make one mega cool machine!


2. Gorosaurus – Gorosaurus is for me the standout monster from Destroy All Monsters. He has something of a strange look with his large but flat head, and though whilst he doesn’t have any special abilities in his arsenal, that doesn’t mean he isn’t tough. He is about the same height as Godzilla, and he poses a very lethal Kangaroo style kick, which he uses to take down King Ghidorah! Practically every scene and shot he is in is amazing, because he is there, this incredibly unique creature. Plus, it feels like he has some relation to Godzilla in him too. The point in the final battle where they look at each other, say something, then both immediately go into battle; it’s like they’re brothers or something, and amazing Monster Wrestling Tag Team!


1. Battra – No other monster in the entire series (except other than Godzilla himself) had such an amazing debut as Battra. Battra arrived on the scene, as Mothra’s heavy metal cousin! It then set to work tearing an entire city apart, before then sending Mothra flying, followed up by going toe to toe with Godzilla himself; a fight that caused the sea bed to crack and swallow them both into the Earth. But that doesn’t stop either Monster; as both return to do it all over again! Battra is both Impressive, and Terrifying; the definition of an Unstoppable Force; and it feels like a real shame, that to date, Battra has only appeared in just one film!

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