Mini Film Review – Yongary, Monster From The Deep

Yesterday I watched Yongary, Monster from the Deep; and it was rather boring! Directed by Ki-duk Kim, and starring Yeong-il Oh, Kwang Ho Lee, and Jeong-im Nam, Yongary, Monster from the Deep is a South Korean/Japanese monster movie, about a monster that is awoken by a nuclear test, before causing a great earthquake, followed by ingesting large quantities of fuel, whilst destroying Seoul. It was a long confusing mess of a film. For a start, the film takes over a quarter of it’s running time to introduce the monster, and fills up that time with wooden boring dialogue. Then at several points, there were moments where characters are in the scene, but are talking off screen entirely; a detail which even the titular monster does at one point (minus the talking), when he begins to consume the oil. Then there were bits which didn’t make sense, like when a car runs off the road and falls down a hill for no reason, or whenever a helicopter was on screen it would pointlessly fly in circles, or when the military attacks Yongary during the day; but when it’s cut back to Yongary; he’s still attacking at night, or the moment where you see a stage light in shot above the monster! Then the film wraps it all up, with an overly long and pointless ending, which goes on for an eternity, whilst you are screaming at the TV “Just Finish Already!” It is a pretty boring film, but it does have it’s moments though. Some of the miniature effects are pretty good, and do create some pretty cool moments not seen in monster movies before; such as the jet fighter being split in half. The dancing scene is silly, but in comparison to the rest of the film; feels like a positive. And then there are the scenes of people fleeing the scenes; a common moment in Monster Movies, but then there is the subtleties, such as those who are just using the incident to enjoy life, as if it were their last day on earth, by partying, and eating lots of food. These scenes, and the positives are worth the watch, but it is a suffering-ly boring film altogether!

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