Mini Film Review – Nope

Last night I watched Nope; and it was very chilling! Directed by Jordan Peele, and starring Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, and Brandon Perea; Nope is a science fiction horror film, about strange goings on, on a horse ranch; and about two siblings who hope to capture evidence of a possible UFO. Nope is a very strange film, but that’s sort of the point; as it likes to feed the viewer with information, that does not seem currently relevant. It’s a hook designed to draw you in, but also to create a false sense of security. It’s a horror film after all; and horror films are about jumps and scares; which the film carries plenty of. The first real spook happens early on, and you can already begin to feel yourself lose control of your nerves. But this is a simple spooky moment, the real scares are yet to come; and they are a whole lot more terrifying! As the film reaches it’s bigger scares; even the smallest disturbance in the room, can make you jump; but there’s always a sense of feeling, that as the cameras continue to roll; more and even greater frights are incoming, and it will never stop! But then it sort of does; as those scares, are enough, and the film morphs into a clever blend of action and science fiction. It’s a really cool, and well thought out film, packed with plenty of scares, and a never ending sense of dread, as you continue to worry about what might be coming, or lurking around the next corner!

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