Top 5 Slade Songs

It is very hard to both live in the United Kingdom, and never ever hear a single song by Slade! They are one of the UK’s most successful bands, selling over 50 million albums worldwide, and achieved 17 consecutive top 20 hits, including six number ones, on the UK singles chart. Their number one bestselling single is of course ‘Merry Xmas Everybody‘, which is a staple tune of the UK Christmas scene. This hit, and more are some of the most regularly heard pieces of music in the UK; which is why it is practically impossible to never ever hear at least one of their songs at some point in your life; if you live in the UK!

I was never a big fan of Slade, it just didn’t appeal to me when I was younger. But then a few years ago, I kept hearing ‘Cum On Feel The Noize‘ around town, and it made me want to listen to it. So I did, and within minutes, I became a fan.


Their music is rather hard to define, but quite often, especially in their earlier hits, it’s that rather unique sound combined with Noddy Holder‘s epic vocals, which make it stand out. Plus there’s a real, feel good sense with their music, as it’s often loud and energetic, which creates a real feeling of joy and happiness. But, they were also capable of creating songs with a different style and feel to them; which constantly contrast from one song to the next. So at one point they can be quiet; whereas the next they are loud. It’s really hard to explain, or put my finger on the correct terminology to define them. But, no matter how anyone tries to explain it, they are simply, really cool; Fact!

So; I thought it was high time for me to share with you my personal favourite songs from this cool group. Now, as always there were some which didn’t make the grade; but are still worthy of note for a mention. And they are:

Coz I Luv You, Skweeze Me Pleeze Me, The Bangin Man, Gudbuy T’Jane, My Friend Stan.

And so without further ado; here are my Top 5 Favourite Songs by the band simply known as Slade; Enjoy!


5. My Oh My – My Oh My is one of the weirder entries in Slade’s catalogue. It’s practically a ballad, with this easy going swinging riff, played at a classical level at first, before jumping into a full force rock ballad. It’s so simple and easy; which is what makes it so easy to join in with. Anyone can join in (‘My Oh My’) with the song, it’s so easy to jump into; but still it creates a real level of power in its music, which creates a real lasting taste, and one you really don’t want to end!

4. Radio Wall of Sound – It feels so satisfying that Slade’s last hit, whilst maybe not reaching the same highs as all before it (but still a hit nonetheless); was a really rocking tune. It feels great and sounds great, plus means the band went out on a high note. Radio Wall of Sound begins with breaking tradition, featuring Bass Guitar player Jim Lea; on vocals; but that doesn’t mean Noddy isn’t there, with his trademark voice. Again it’s a very simple chorus tune to join in with, when you’re not jumping around at a simple, but killer riff!

3. Far Far Away – This is another one of their more quieter songs; yet still creates a sense of power. It’s a nice easy going song; telling a story about how they travelled the world, saw these beautiful things; but still wish they could go back home. Yes, it’s a quiet tune, but there’s nothing wrong with that, it has this nice folk song like essence, like one you could hear/sing amongst friends with little difficulty, but then you get a real depth of emotion from its lyrics. But above all, you get this powerful sound from the incredible range of Noddy Holder’s vocal capabilities!

2. Cum On Feel The Noize – Other than a certain song heard at Christmas, this is probably Slade’s best known tune. This song really highlights the band’s capabilities mixed with Noddy’s vocals. It’s a feel good tune, pointing out what people could consider negatives; but it doesn’t matter to the band; ‘let’s party’! It’s a song which just gets better and better, and the longer it goes on for; the more hooked in you are!

1. Run Runaway – When I first got into Slade; this one immediately stood out; and still does. It’s a very eighties sounding song, with a disco like tune; but still backed up by good old fashioned rock. Once again, it features simple and easy to join in lyrics; backed up by a simple tune that is easy to jig too. It’s loud, energetic, joyful, it is everything you would expect to hear from them. It’s pure Slade, in a Nutshell!

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