Mini TV Review – Godzilla Singular Point

Recently I have been watching Godzilla Singular Point on Netflix; and it was alright! Created by Bones and Orange animation studios (that’s two different studios), and starring Erika Harlacher, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Keith Silverstein; Godzilla Singular Point is an anime series about a student and an engineer who after discovering a strange signal, later discover that giant monsters are appearing all over the world, and seem to be carrying a strange red dust that soon envelops the world. The series started off quite well, creating a mystery that soon leads to catastrophe, as several classic monsters from the film series begin to make appearances; such as Rodan, Manda and Anguirus to name but a few. The characters are well designed, and the opening titles are really cool and heavy; helping to create the adrenaline behind the show. But there is one major draw back: the science. The science is not very well explained; it’s very deep and particular, but it is a case of blink and you will miss it. From then on, unless you have a PHD in both literature, and science; you will find it a real struggle to get back into it. The fight scenes with the monsters require no PHD to enjoy, plus the non-science parts of the show are easier to follow; but when the science comes back around, it becomes a real struggle to follow, and you may begin spotting plot holes which may be explained if you could follow the science; but to continue watching the show from this point on, is a real labor of love!

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