Movie Trailers – Pokémon 3 The Movie: Spell Of The Unown

The trailer for this film states that the titular Pokemon on show are: “more Mysterious than Mew“; which is pretty ironic given that the film’s choice of title is also rather mysterious! When I was a lot younger, and regularly watched Pokemon, and the movies the franchise produced; on the VHS copy of Pokemon 2000; there was a teaser trailer for this film. The title given though for the then upcoming third Pokemon movie, was: ‘Lord of the Unknown Tower’, (followed by that wonderful voice announcing the release date). When I went to see this movie at the cinema though, I was shocked to discover the new title the film had.

I’m pretty sure that this title switch wasn’t the only one however, as in another trailer I saw a few years later; the title was something along the lines of The Mystery of Entei and the Unown. The choice of title therefore in my view is rather mysterious, and as to why they changed it at least twice between the first teaser trailers, and the films eventual release, is also something of a mystery.

Pokémon 3 The Movie: Spell Of The Unown is one of the most unique entries in the film series. Whilst the series has touched on elements of drama and sadness before and since, this one is soo dark in it’s approach. It’s frequently grim, sad, and features one of the show’s closest moments to the death of an actual character, at the hands/paws of another character. These things are then all wrapped together in a bundle of near sheer terror. And don’t forget, this is supposed to be a kids film!


But it’s not all necessarily doom and gloom, it does feature a good backstory, great character creation, and some great pieces of music too.

The trailer for the film is actually pretty simple, as it tries to highlight the Unown, by doing the same thing that all the other Pokemon films have done, by highlighting the new bench mark of what is the most powerful species of Pokemon out there. Don’t deny it, they all do it. First it was Mew, then Mewtwo, then Lugia, then the Unown, then Celebi, and so on.


But whilst it’s doing that, it shows a few clips of action and plot, but not too much, so you don’t have any idea ass to what the film’s plot will involve. These clips include a strange dimension, an explosion, a shot of Entei roaring, and a tower being zapped by some force. We then get plenty of more clips, but which once again don’t tell you what will happen in any fashion; just promises a few things that you will at some point see. And then there is of course a brief trailer for the short film Pikachu & Pichu.

The title surrounding this film is a bit weird, but the film’s approach isn’t, it’s very dark for a kids film. But the good thing about the trailer, is that it doesn’t mention anything about the plot, so everything about this film, is a complete and utter surprise for the viewer!

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