Mini Film Review – John Wick: Chapter 4

I have just seen John Wick: Chapter 4; and it was pretty good! Directed by Chad Stahelski, and starring Keanu Reeves, Donnie Yen, and Shamier Anderson; John Wick: Chapter 4 is an action film, and (quite obviously) the fourth entry in the John Wick film series. Set after the events of Parabellum; John Wick is a man who wants revenge against the High Table, for placing him in such a terrible situation. John Wick Chapter 4, is a rather weird film, as it basically tries to go big and go home at the same time. To this end we are introduced to a whole new range of characters, but whilst it does create some interesting new characters played by top notch actors like Scott Adkins, Rina Sawayama, and Hiroyuki Sanada; the film decides to push them to one side, and hide them from the rest of the film’s run time, in favour of other characters, you are practically wishing for to stop talking, and get on with it! The film’s total run time is a bit of an over stretch too, as though whilst the fight sequences are spectacular and very entertaining, the final sequence is gratuitously overly long, with a rather obvious reference to the classic 1979 film The Warriors; and again, you are now, on your knees begging to get it all over and done with! These negative points, are sadly what the viewer will see last, and most likely remember, which is especially sad given that everything before it, is rather spectacular. The music is pretty good, the more interesting characters are practically fantastic, and the fight sequences are, well choregraphed and incredibly gripping. The film series folklore is once again not very well explained; but this is a minor note in what is a gratuitously long, but nonetheless a pretty great film!

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