I’ve Made A Banoffee Pie

It’s true, recently I made something I have never done before; a Banoffee Pie! I have previously tried the dish at a wedding in 2016, but can’t remember much about that experience.


I have not been much of a fruit person for most of my life. But in the last few years have been eating more and more, which includes Banana‘s, but at first I ate them in a similar fashion to the Ron Swanson way. Not with a burger though, more just necking down a Lucozade Sport, or eating some chocolate after each bite, because at first didn’t care much for the Banana eating experience.

Then out of this sudden urge to eat more fruit, I wondered about trying to make a Banoffee Pie, so I went looking for a recipe, and found one, which was super easy. It’s on the BBC’s Good Food website, and the core ingredients are:

So, using this recipe, I had a go at making one a few months ago; and it worked out alright.


Then, last week the Coronation was happening (didn’t watch it, I played Destiny 2, whilst having South Park on in the background, followed by building a Lego Tallneck, whilst listening to The Penny Dreadfuls), and thought that was a pretty good excuse to make another Banoffee Pie.


I used the same recipe as before, but I made some tweaks. I used an entire packet of digestive biscuits, which allowed for a better crust, which meant I could take the wall off the tin and not worry about caramel spillage. And then I used two full pots of double cream, as last time the cream didn’t cover the full surface, so had to finish it off with squirty cream. And much like before, it turned out really well.


So yeah, quite pleased that I now know how to make a really nice and easy Banoffee Pie!

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